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weird track bar behaviour

ok i'm not just a random posting about how crap winamp is. i personally like it.

i am using a winamp3 skin because i found the modern one just a tad large for me, anyway LOL.

when i try and track through a song the tracking bar just seems to be jumping aorund pretty randomly.

like i will click in one area of the trackbar and it will go somewhere else :S

or i will drag it and it will lag a bit and be jerky.

i have a sufficiently powered computer and the memory usage is only 1/16th of my ram (1Gb) and the CPU useage is also low.

so my question is there a place in the options or somthing that might fix this. or is this a realised bug or somthing.

i realise that winamp 3 skins are different to winamp2 skins so the skin i am using is SkinUP2XP_Metallic.

anyway i am very pleased with winamp 3 skins in winamp2.

now they all fit super nicely into my desktop (filling up the entire screen 1600x1200, with ML, the main window and eq next to it and under that the PL (2x wide)

very nice people.

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