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not exactly winamp (FLAC)

ok i use winamp to play all my FLAC files, i know a few people around here use flac so i am asking for there responses.

i have about 70 CD's compressed using FLAC set at the default of -5 setting. i can save at least 2Mb on each CD by re-compressing at -8 which will give me another 140Mb on my HDD.

now i already ahev all my files as FLAC on my computer so i don't mind doing it in the background.

i set up my software to do it, but DBpoweramp (the one that currently does it) made the resulting files about 2Mb large (each)

so my question is, is there a software that will not add a whole pile of tagging info like i think this one did, and perhaps one that will convert old ID tags to FLAC tags.

and that can convert flac-flac

thanks guys.

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the only thing I can think of is to find an old copy of Cool Edit and download a FLAC plugin....it can do the conversions for you, and it does it pretty quickly
that's what I did for wma-mp3 after I had some cds stolen...

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