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Won't stop playing Backup File after the source reconnects

I added a backup file "test.mp3" into my shoutcast server, so that it is streamed to the (already connected) listeners when the source disconnects. That part works fine.

However, when the source reconnects after 10 seconds, those listeners continue to hear the backup MP3 repeated again and again.
(New listeners who connect afterward are not affected. They can listen to the reconnected source.)

So why wouldn't my shoutcast server stops the backup MP3 and stream the reconnected source to the already connected listeners?!

; BackupFile can specify a mp3 file that will be streamed to listeners over
; and over again when the source stream disconnects. AutoDumpUsers must be
; 0 to use this feature. When the source stream reconnects, the listeners
; are rejoined into the live broadcast.
; Note that the backup file MUST be the same samplerate/channels as the
; live stream in order for this to work properly. Although bitrate CAN
; vary, you can use '%d' to specify the bitrate in the filename
; (i.e. C:\backup%d.mp3 would be C:\backup32.mp3 if you are casting at 32kbps).
; The default is no BackupFile
Note: I already made sure that the bitrate, sample rate and channels of the stream and backup MP3 are the same.

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No one knows what's causing the problem?!
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Still happens to this day, twelve years later. Not always though. I have not spotted a pattern.

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