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shoutcast popups: bad

Months ago i used to drag the "TUNE IN" links on shoutcast into my playlist, so i could listen to the new station without losing my previous playlist.

Now that shoutcast uses popups to redirect me to a .m3u i always end up with a blank playlist that only contains the one station i wanted to listen to.

I cant emphasise how ANNOYING this is.

Please serve .m3u files if my cookie says "i want only m3us" so i can stop using that php script i hacked up to use as a winamp-proxy to have the old functionality back.

On another letter:

2 Different accounts for winamp.com and winamp forums? Annoying. The automatic account creation when someone visites the forums failed in my case, so i had to register twice. More annoying.
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moved to SHOUTcast site design I guess.

Sorry about your troubles. As far as I knew, SHOUTcast has always worked in the manner in which you are complaining about. I would be curious to know how you got that changed.
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Rather it worked that way before or not, its A BRILLIANT idea for multiple station settings in the playlist.

I dig it. I noticed I couldn't do this a while back and it really made me mad.

Im pretty sure the reason it was designed like that is a legality issue. IAW DMCA, all streams have to be launched from a licensed page (IE shoutcast YP/loudcity directory/ ect.)

SO, with that being said, to launch a stream directly would violate that, and I already know what your going to say next emente....

Lets not say that one because I need my listeners to have easy access. The few I have left anyways... I REALLY NEED to redo my site design.

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In the upper left corner of the SHOUTcast.com, click on Classic SHOUTcast Radio 1.0, then click & drag to your heart's content.

The Winamp.com account and Winamp Forums account are are separate from each other. The Winamp.com account is for Skin & Plug-in developers so they can submit their work. Also, the general user/browser can submit plug-in/skin reviews. The forums account is specifically for and part of vBulition forum system/software.

Please do not PM me for tech support. Any request for tech support through PM will be ignored.
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