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Playlist with listed files stops ATF from reading tag fields in advance

For the longest time I have been running my Winamp with

Preferences > Playlist > Titles > Titles > Metadata Reading > Read metadata when files(s) are played or viewed in the playlist editor


Preferences > Playlist > Titles > Titles > Metadata Reading > Advanced Title Formatting > Use advanced title formatting when possible

with my quite elaborate code. I relay on the additional information [from various tag fields] that are displayed in my Playlist windows [for example with a glance I can tell if the song that I am hearing and do not like is already marked for deletion - and so I do not have to stop what I am doing only to find out that I did not had to take care of this matter, because it was already done]

And also up until now my playlist looked like that:
D:\New Music

But now that I started using for some tasks also the "normal" playlists that go like that

#EXTINF:275,Metallica - Fuel
#EXTINF:471,Metallica - Loverman

no longer do I see ATF working correctly. Because it only shows content of tags for file from that playlist:

A] of which playback has just started

B] which was played some time before [since I opened Winamp and did not close it or removed that file from the Playlist window]

And now: I can also drag and drop my old kind of playlist [a one without list of files in it] on Winamp and see the Playlist windows being populated with read tags - but if I do the same with a normal playlist, the files are loaded but the tags are not [not until I play a specific file, one at a time]

And so: I either have some option that I do now know or comprehend selected - or this is a plain bug

This happens on Windows 10 Enterprise 18362 with Winamp 5.8. [And was this happening on my old set up of Windows x64 with Winamp 5.666- I do not know, as I was not using "normal" playlists back then]
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