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mouse clicks not happening

I can't be certain when this started to happen, but it is in earlier versions than 5.61 using the modern skin and AVS visualizer. The fault starts when I click the restore icon, in between the minimize and close icon on the main Winamp screen to roll up the main window. So far so good but the AVS window then appears on its own with a button at the bottom right to Reattach Visualizer. The problem happens when I click this button, instead of first restoring the main window. This is peculiar in that the AVS gets restored to the main window, but further mouse clicks aren't recognized.

Instead of reattaching the visualizer, if I close it and then reopen it the mouse is unaffected. The problem doesn't happen using the classic skin because there is no Reattach option. This is on a WinXP 32bit install.
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