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Winamp as sold through the Windows 8 Store

I went looking for Winamp on my Windows 8 laptop, and one big mistake was to look in the Windows store. The first thing was that I had to pay $7.99 for it. That was fair, I used Winamp for free for many years, and it was well worth $7.99

Hold the press: What Microshaft installed on my Windows 8 computer was a far cray from true Winamp. It could do nothing but play the music that was on my PC, and for that, it did a poor job. I was furious that I paid for that crap. I tried to get a refund at Digital River, but that site locked up in the middle of filling out the forms. Then I saw a note about Microsoft, and then decided to just go to paypal to file a complaint with Microsoft. I asked for my money back.
Just to be sure I was not going crazy, I opened Winamp on my Windows 7 PC. That was the Winamp I expected to see in Windows 8, not the crap that they installed for me.

Trust me, it was aweful.

So is Microsoft going to squash everyone else out of business so they are the only one left? Is that how to make it in business, squash your competition?
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That is not a Microsoft Product nor is it a Nullsoft/AOL Product. I'd suggest you read into things before you lay down money for something that is freely available. Generally, speaking Winamp being published for ARM??? Seriously? Also, the fact that contact information lists to 'other' than corporate domains is also suspicion enough.

You got had......sorry, but it is true.

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its known that there's fake Winamp apps in the Windows store but despite it being repeatedly flagged no one has been able to get it pulled despite the obvious issues this thread reinforces is bring caused to users assuming it is 'real' (even though it clearly isn't).
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A quick search shows three "Winamp" apps in the Windows store. It's pretty incredible that MS would allow such dodginess to occur. There isn't even a clear way of reporting suspect apps, at least not on the store's browser pages (running Windows 7). Ridiculous.

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