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Media Library not working

I recently installed Office 2010 Beta (using Click to Run, which caused me the Q partition problem, deleted it, and reinstalled with standard installation), and since then Winamp hasn't been working well. It wouldn't save previous settings, keep playlist after exiting, but now when that Q drive problem is gone, these problems are gone too.

But, there is one that didn't go: the local media library. I can't access it, it just shows a blank page, and I mean blank, not even the tables that contain the music files. Saving the library doesn't work, the XML contains no songlist, and if I try to edit the view (right click on library - Edit view...) it crashes. The other pages in Media Library work just fine, just the ones in Local media don't work at all.

I need it to work, it takes veeeerrrry long to find the songs on the computer and add them to the playlist.

I tried reinstalling winamp, but nothing...

(By the way, before making any rude comments, note that I DID make a search, but to be honest with you, I didn't even know what to search for)
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Solved. Clearing the library solved the problem. Weird enough, I tried it a couple of times before, and didn't work.
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