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Hotkeys when alt-tabbed into WoW

Like the title pretty much states, I'm running WoW on my Dell Vostro 1720 Notebook and I've done so ever since I got this machine (that said, I've used Winamp for as long as I can remember -- which must've been six years at the very least) and I've been more than satisfied by Winamp.

Anyway, after a long-running problem, my laptop finally camp back from repairs, this time with Vista instead of Windows XP. And after that, most of the issues started to arrise.

World of Warcraft stopped working decently, giving loads of wow-errors, softlocking 90% of the times when I try to start up, unable to alt-tab and come back to a working game...

Anyway, the problem I'm having with Winamp pretty much relates to World of Warcraft too; when I'm using Firefox or Winamp, the hotkeys (a set of special media buttons on the notebook's keyboard) all work fine (sure, I had the regular "Could not bind" error, but I've had it for as long as I could remember and it always worked fine anyway), but when I succesfully launch World of Warcaft, they just stop working. Sure, WoW continues to play and so does the music, but the program just doesn't respond to my actions.

Anyway, I googled around some but failed to find any solid solutions.

Any help? There's no way I'd ever stop using Winamp, and this is a pretty anoying aspect that I'd like to have removed asap.
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That said, ever since I installed Vista, I've got the feeling the sound quality went down loads, too. At some higher, more intensive peaks, it just starts to make noise and annoying sounds, like when you wriggle the audio-cable around.

Any chance this can be fixed, too?
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