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Refuses to transcode while syncing


So as a preface, the majority of my music collection is in WMA Lossless, interspersed with mp3's, m4a's and FLAC's.

Now, I've told Winamp to sync music to my Android phone, a Samsung Nexus S if it matters.

Anyways, under the portable options I have already told it that FLAC, wma, etc. are not supported, and to transcode as necessary.

Nope! If it sin't an mp3, Winamp will simply ignore it. When manually sending a wma/flac/etc to the device, I am told "files may be incompatible, yada yada, will not be transferred"

Looking around, other people are transcoding this stuff fairly easily. What am I doing wrong?
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Have you checkmarked "Enable transcoding of incompatible tracks" in:
Winamp > Prefs > Portables > Android Drive X: > Transccoding tab?

The "Supported Formats" list in the Advanced tab should look something like:

And that's about it really....

Using Winamp 5.61? Pro or Free?
Is it a wifi or usb connection?
By "manual" do you mean: right-click ML or Playlist entries and select: Send to > Android Drive X: ?
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Transcoding enabled. Using 5.61, etc.

I've figured it out though. Certain encoders are 'pro' only, and it neglected to warn me about it until I tried manually transcoding using those specific encoders. Problem resolved! I'm now using one of the free m4a encoders. Thanks!
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