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I'm sorry for writing so many posts one after another...

This time I would like to sum all the issues:

1. Disconnecting server on input change - it seems that when I disconnect DSP from the server and then make the input change it won't crash so fast. It crashes though after some hour or so. And that is the problem - I could set DSP to Legacy Input and just use Push to Talk when I want to go live. But after some time it crashes. Changing back to Winamp Input also causes a crash. No way out.

2. Finally I have another crash report - I came to the studio and it was right there

This is what it said:
Winamp client version: 5.666 Build 3516
winamp caused an Access Violation (0xc0000005)
in module dsp_sc.dll at 001b:02277a6b.

Exception handler called in Winamp.


3. Yesterday I asked about the Dj change and backup file - it seems strange that each time you switch from live to winamp or switch source / DJ you need to disconnect server and all your listeners loose signal. It would be good if listeners could stay - listening to backupfile and then again to broadcast.

4. I do not like to downgrade. Downgrade is the last thing to do.

5. I remember times when I was switching to Soundcard mode, made a recording and then back to Winamp Mode. It used to stream for more than 100 hrs without disconnecting.

I know these issues might only exist on my setup but it would be also good to know it
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