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Toqers NSV reviews.

For some reason, I decided I would start reviewing NSV stations. I've decided on the following criteria for my review.

Name says it all. If there's nothing else out there like it, it gets high marks.
This is based on if I can tune in a station or not. This also takes into account station uptime.
Stream Quality
Criteria here is based on stream settings. Are they using vp6.2 and accp? Is it a nice high bitrate?
Production Quality
Does it look like it was made with a cheapo camera? Well scripted? etc.
Overall Score
Sum of all scores.

My first review is going to be for ROCKNTV1. I've seen john many times in the NSV forums, but never really took a look at his station until today. He's a pretty enthusiastic broadcaster, and tends to give pretty good advice to fledgeling broadcasters, all around nice guy.

ROCKNTV1 is a mishmash of clips taped by john, mostly garage band stuff. When I first tuned into his stream I was greeted by a guy in nothing more than his underwear and baseball cap, drumming along to rolling stones "Beasts of burden"

After underwear beast of burden man finished, there was a lot of clips of going through some kind of theme park, some more garage bands, and just general goofyness.

Originality 98%
I would have scored it %100, except that the garage band thing has already been done by the orginal garage band NTV created by Justin Frankel and crew when they released NSV a few years back. Otherwise, great, original, entertaining content. If you're looking for a show with that "Waynes World" feel, this is the one.

Accessability 90%
I just tried tuning back in right now, and nothing. My first few times connecting went totally good, so maybe he's adding in new clips or something. Oh wait, now he's broadcasting on a different port. Weird.

Stream Quality 87%
ROCKNTV1 uses VP6.2 for video @ 80kbps, and HE-ACC at 24kbps, with the framerate locked at 15fps for a total stream bandwidth of around 105kbps. As far as I can tell, what i'm watching now is live, and most likely being broadcasted from a DSL line to a shoutcast server somewhere (most DSL caps upstream at 128kbps) Using a 2 pass encoder would totally rock his preencoded content quality.

Production Quality 95%
ROCKNTV1 isn't just limited to the waynes world basement setup, it has clips mixed in from actually going outside. As far as the production quality in his studio goes, I can tell John takes great effort in setting up his lighting. I think sound from the basement is supplied via a boom mic. All in all the production quality is pretty good.

Overall Score 92.5%
I have to say, I really like the concept. It's something I tried myself with 7 Bamboo, (getting new bands to come into the bar and play on cam) but I failed miserably where john seems to be rocking it. Good job, excellent station.

Click here to watch ROCKNTV1.
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Here's something unexpected for GD :P
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So for my second review, I randomly browsed the NSV stations until I came across the streetvibez stream. God help us all.

UK chav scum meets technology. For those in the US or other parts of the world that don't know what a chav is, follow this link for a more detailed analysis on what a chav is.

The show basically just has a webcam pointed at a pair of turntables, one chav mixes, while the other chav is on a wireless mic constantly talking over the mix. He must really love hearing himself talk.

Originality 30%
I didn't do a complete check, but from my browsing there are a ton of wannabe DJ's on NSV with crappy webcams pointed at their decks, just mixing. If you guys really wanted to be original, you would set this up in a club, with people, with hot woman. Instead of 2 sweaty stinky chavs in a small hot room just blabbering to hear themselves talk.

Accessability 100%
I had no problem at all accessing the stream. I kind of wished I hadn't though.

Stream Quality 50%
Stream runs vp6.2 69kbps, HE-ACC 32kbps 15fps, which is pretty much the same as ROCKNTV1's. Something is wrong with their quantisizer matrix, everything looks extremely blocky. Also they're using too high of a resolution, which sort of compounds the problem of pixelation.

Production Quality 25%
A webcam, poorly thought out lighting, and possibly a slow encoding machine makes this stream look like crap. Sound is good when DJ chav isn't constantly bantering over the music. It's a small room, and it shows, if they had given themselves enough room to properly stage and light things, it would look a lot better, even on a shitty webcam. Even the slightest movement on the webcam turns into a motion blur, making me flashback to my acid eating days.

Overall Score 51.25%
The only thing this station really got a high mark for was accessability, but I kind of wish I had never connected to it. We have enough wannabe DJ's pointing webcams at themselves, no need to rehash the same old shit.

Click here for what could possibly be the most annoying NSV station ever
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Spaminess ?
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not spam. toqer has nothing to do with these stations and is just reviewing a bunch of them.

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Re: streetvibez.co.uk

Originally posted by toqer

UK chav scum meets technology. For those in the US or other parts of the world that don't know what a chav is, follow this link for a more detailed analysis on what a chav is.
This is where fouking me and ShadyPiez does ah chunes like.
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Re: Re: streetvibez.co.uk

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I spent a few hours after these last few reviews narrowing down what I wanted to review. I sort of made criteria in my own mind, but didn't share it with anyone else.

I feel strongly with NSV that original, high quality *VIDEO* content or *LICENSED* video content would be the #1 deciding criteria in weather or not I review a station.

Unfortunately %99 of what's out there on NSV is pirated, or porn, or they require $$$ donation to pay for bills. Doubt it's going to happen, but I think pay for play stations should be listed in their own directory, and free ones should be listed in another.

Another pet peeve of mine with the stations in NSV is there are a ton of them that are nothing more than slide shows for radio stations. Look guys, quit cluttering up the NSV YP with slide shows. I think anyone running slide show ads in the NSV YP for a radio station should be banned. (I know you're doing it cause the radio YP has like 9,999,999 stations, but there's better ways of getting your radio noticed mmmkay?)

Ok enough ranting offtopicly, let's get on with this review.

Fazz is an Electro Jazz trio from France. I don't understand french, but I think I know it when I see it written. For those that don't know what trio means, it means 3, as in 3 people. I can't read a lick of french, and i'm afraid of what googles translation will be, so maybe someone fluent in the language can check out their site and report back.

Originality 100%
The fazz stream is the first stream i've seen of a band trying to promote themselves. These guys seem to want to use NSV as a marketing platform, and I think they got their formula right. Not only is there video of them playing, but it's followed by an interview. (man I wish I understood french)

Accessability 100%
I remember connecting to this stream a while back, and I was amazed. Here I am randomly browsing streams and it's still here, no full slots, and totally accessable to anyone browing the YP.

Stream Quality 100%

The stream averages 1035kbps, VP6.1 720x576res @ 25fps~897kbps, LC-AAC 105kbps. In video terms, this is DVD quality (at least according to on2) and it shows on the stream. This isn't a live stream, but by watching it you can tell these guys did a proper encoding matrice, 2 pass encoding from a high quality source, probably a DV tape.

Production Quality 100%
The stream features the trio playing in what appears to be a television studio, on a television show. The lighting is excellent, multiple camera angles, with one mounted on a crane. They even add in smoke effects!

In addition to the studio created video, they also have random video of the three playing practical jokes on each other, a music video that looked filmed, and excellent station identification bumps. All in all, a very professional looking production.

Overall Score 100%

I could not find a single fault with this stream. This is the kind of stream that the rest of the NSV broadcasters (including myself) should be aspiring to create. I am humbled by their production, like Waynes World, "We're not worthy!"

I know a lot of us have excuses. Mine are a lack of funds/hardware but hardware has gotten cheaper/faster in the 2 years since I started, and i'm planning upgrades. After seeing this stream, I know I have to up myself a notch to keep up with the Joneses.

Extreme kudo's to Fazz, this is by far the best original stream i've seen to date.

Click here to watch Fazz TV
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Shouldn't you space out your reviews over at least a few days? Otherwise this thread will die very quickly, eh? This also should probably be in the NSV section
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john thanks TOQER@7 bamboo

john thanks TOQER@7 bamboo

thanks man...

intro file 4 you.....today
toqer...email me!
we can put the band on your stage: ie._check ntro4
imaginatory pulp fiction..
john thanks toqer again
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