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auto dj service?

I currently use and love the free shoutcast streaming service. I have two streams on it, and think it is amazing. In addition to this, I also have two radionomy stations. One of these just reached the 3 month period and will be able to stay on air. Seems to be playing fine. However, I have another station that may not have that same luck, but I still want to keep it going. I have already had problems with it being blocked in the U.S, with no explanation for why. So, I would like to perhaps convert it over to shoutcast stream. I know there are shoutcast resellers out there that sell hosting along with an auto dj service. However, the reason I switched to the free streaming services (both shoutcast and radionomy) in the first place was so that I could cut costs. So, it would make no sense to go back to one of those services. Basically, what I am looking for is a script or something that I can install on my shared hosting, whether through softaculous or manually, that will let me upload music, advert files, station ids, and basically replicate what I'm doing on radionomy, but it would be configurable to output to a free shoutcast streaming service account. Does anyone know of something like this? Otherwise, I don't know that I will be able to keep up with that particular stream. The good thing here is that my host offers unlimitted storage and bandwidth. Or so they say. lol But it should be enough to do what I'm wanting to do.
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hehe.. trust me when I say, nothing is unlimited. I've burned through handfuls of shared hosting providers who claim unlimited, yet in reality were very limited.

if your content is being blocked in specific geographic areas, its almost definitely due to copyright.

I think the main problem your going to run into here is the ability to run a program on a shared server and not have its process be killed by their tools. many shared hosts dont even allow ssh access. and the ones that do usually have a watchdog style process that will auto kill any background processes or processes that have been running longer than their allowed time limit, or kill processes that are using any amount of system resources over their set threshold.

you would also most likely have problems streaming since shared server network resources are usually over subscribed. so whenever any of the other websites also hosted on that server become busy for any number of reasons, your stream could suffer.

furthermore the server may not have the encoding libraries you would need to encode and stream, and the hosting company may refuse to install them when requested. the more they can keep their shared hosts conformed to their standard config the easier it is for them to deploy, upgrade, and maintain the systems.

that being said, you may want to consider a vps. you can move all your current sites over from the shared server, and also have full access to the cli and run apps and background processes without the fear of them being auto killed. they are pretty cheap these days.. anywhere from 5-10 bucks/mo and upwards depending on the spec.

theres a number of tools that may or may not work for you (depending on the above).


or some lower level stuff like


(this thread should prob get moved to shoutcast discussion tech support)
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