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Read dynamically uninstall Name

I'm reading on startup .onInit the $my_name variable and
Name $pdName
This works great for my installer but what if I want to use it for the uninstaller
Can you tell me how exactly NSIS is generating variables for the uninstaller. Is there some way to store them on WriteUninstaller
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Do you mean the OutFile ???

Because there is a difference between Name and OutFile.
Name - it is just a description of installer, just some string
where the OutFile is name of the .exe file written to disk
WriteInstaller has nothing with them - it is a name of .exe file written to disk which is used to uninstall your application - you can name if freely

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All I'm saying is that it is easy to declare in the nsi head
Name My Program
but when it is
Name $varSetOnInit
It has to be variable which is set .onInit or respectively in un.onInit
Is there any chance to store its value on this row
WriteUninstaller $INSTDIR\uninstaller.exe not on compile time
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This may not be what you are looking for but you can store the value in the registry. For example, in one of my installers I have the "-Post" section write values out to the registry. You could also do this just before, or after, you execute the write uninstaller command. Here's an example from my "-Post" section:

WriteRegStr ${PRODUCT_UNINST_ROOT_KEY} "${PRODUCT_UNINST_KEY}" "UninstallString" "$INSTDIR\uninstall.exe"

You can then simply read this variable in the uninstaller by using ReadRegStr and either store it in a variable you created or simply store it in a stack variable and use it:

ReadRegStr $0 ${PRODUCT_UNINST_ROOT_KEY} "${PRODUCT_UNINST_KEY}" "UninstallString"

Now do a StrCmp on $0 to "" or do ${IF} $0 != "". You may also want to check the error flag (see the documentation on ReadRegStr about what the error flag will be set to). Hope this helps.
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