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CustomPage and Images

Hi guys,

i have create a custompage with too images (.ico). It's defined in a .ini file. I use this to show me the CustomPage.

Page custom CustomPage
!insertmacro INSTALLOPTIONS_DISPLAY "test.ini"
!insertmacro INSTALLOPTIONS_EXTRACT_AS ..\test.ini" "test.ini"

It works fine. The problem is, that i dont see the images on an other pc, cause it seems nsis dont compile/compress the ico file and he cant find the images.
Is there any solution or did I a mistake?

Thanks for help
kind regards
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Probable you forgot to include those .ico files into the your installer...
You need to extract them when installation starts into temp directory and load them from that place, not from absolute path in your PC.

And try to avoid those .ini files, they are deprecated.

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Big thx.
May you give me one Example? I dont know how to solve it.
I only have to !include ".ico" and change the .ico path in the .ini file to a relative path?
kind regards

ok it works fine now. Did only this on the .onInit Function

SetOutPath "$TEMP\"
File "gfx\*.*"

And i use relative path .\\.ico on the .ini file.

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