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I always load all of my mp3's, so i have a huge playlist. What would be convinet is that if I suddenly have a desire to listen to a certain song, intead of using windows Find function in the start menu, winamp should have a small place at the bottom of the playlist, maybe by the sort buttons that one could type a keyword or name of a song, filename, song name, whatever, and then it would find the song in the current playlist--but not clearing the playlist and leaving that song. Make sense? This would also be a great feature because it would distinguish you from other players. Does this make any sense?

:-) -Chad
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Hey Chad!

That feature is in Winamp already. When you have the playlist as your active window, press the 'J' key on your keyboard.

Find the song you want, click on it, and it starts to play.

My personal preference, and request, would be for Winamp to find the song and select it on the playlist; then I can decide whether to play it or move it up or down the playlist.

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