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just so you guys know, because i know one or two of you have probably tried emusic...they are exercising their right to sell your details


taken from their privacy policy:

Who are trusted third parties (e.g., promotional partners and advertisers) so that they can promote their products and services and those of their affiliates and partners based on your preferences and interests. You may "opt out" of such disclosure(s) to the extent they include your personally identifiable information by sending an email at any time to service@emusic.com indicating your intent to do so. If you consent to share your personally identifiable information with such trusted third parties, their use of such information is subject to their own privacy policies;
so as a suggestion, opt-out now at service@emusic.com before they sell you onto someone else.

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*phew* glad I didn't try it

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Just like the record labels - anything for a quick buck for themselves. Sounds like they're needing to make some more money sicne anyone with a brain knows they suck.

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