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Programming Visualization Plugins

Hey, I'm taking a technology class at school and need to pick a project to work on for the entire year. I was thinking about programming my own visualization plugin for Winamp. I'd like to know how difficult it is to do. I have a tiny (probably insignificant) amount of experience in programming in visual basic, and am generally good with computers, but other than that have never attempted this sort of thing before. I'm pretty good with things like math and logic. How are visualizations created, and where can I go to get started? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!
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This might help

Since I program in VC++ I can't help you out with VB, but I do know that a good site to learn more about it is vbworld.com. I too am attempting to make a plugin (a general one though) and quickly realised that it's not easy. You need to know how to create DLLs, send Winamp messages through Windows, and if you want to do something graphical you need to know how to control graphics with your program... the list goes on. You need to be pretty advanced to make a Winamp plugin. Don't get me wrong, I'm not trying to discourage you, I think this could be a great learning experience, but it is hard to do, and you may get stuck on one little thing, then get really frustrated. Trust me, it's happened to me a lot. Just keep on trying until you get it right, it's not like making a mistake will somehow cause your PC to explode.

Good luck with your plugin,
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Maybe C++/Delphi can help you out!

Please refer to the Winamp2's Visualization SDK

Hope these can help you!
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