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Winamp won't place m4p's on my iPod

Whenever I try to put protected m4p's on my iPod, I get this error message:

"Some of these tracks were of an incompatible format and will not be transferred"

This is an iPod shuffle with version 1.1.5 installed.

I don't see a setting where I can specify what kind of files are compatible with the iPod, like I could do with my RCA Pearl. I've tried changing the iPod's "enable disk use" slider through iTunes with no success (everything from all data/no songs to all songs/no data). I've tried resetting the iPod to original factory settings with no results. I've installed various plugins that didn't do any good.

I'm not sure if it's related, but I'm also having troubles transcoding. If I try to transcode an m4p to wav for example, I get an error saying "Cannot find decoder". Maybe this has something to do with Winamp not automatically transcoding m4ps before putting them on my iPod?

Don't know if it matters, but Winamp itself doesn't have any troubles playing the m4p's.

I appreciate any help you can throw my way!
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Winamp has no native support for iTMS's proprietary drm-protected M4P format.

You can add M4P to the Extension List in:
Prefs -> Plugins -> Input -> in_mp4 -> config
so it now looks something like: MP4;M4A;M4P

which should then let Winamp think it's a supported format,
and should then hopefully allow them to be sync'd/transferred to the iPod....

However, Winamp won't be able to read/transfer any of the metadata.

There's a 3rd-party M4P plugin available here (which provides playback support, but only if iTunes & QuickTime are also installed on the system), but I've no idea if that plugin also provides M4P support for the Nullsoft iPod plugin (pmp_ipod).

There's also a 3rd-party iPod plugin available here:

Though again, I've no idea if it provides support for M4P and/or the 3rd-party M4P plugin.

Also note that you CAN'T use Winamp to transcode ANY drm-protected files.

Alas, this is literally the price you pay for buying into proprietary drm formats...
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