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Winamp & Windows 98: The bottom line

For those of you who have complained about the new version of Winamp not being compatible with Windows 98, I have to say it was inevitable. You have to remember also that the current version of Windows Media Player, version 10 and later, does not support Windows 98 either (Version 9 is as high as you could go).

I am a little bummed that Win98 is not supported anymore, but I'm not surprised either. If you use Win98, the last version supported (according to tech support) is version 5.35. DJ Egg had posted a link to that, but it doesn't work, it just takes you to the download page for the new version. I, however, have found a working link to download version 5.35, it is as follows:


While there, choose version 5.35.

It would help a lot if Winamp Tech Support could provide users with an archive page containing legacy versions of Winamp for download, so people won't have to go to third-party sites.

If you wanna use the new version of Winamp, go online and buy Windows 2000, XP, or Vista, but please stop whining and complaining about the lack of Win98 support. A particular OS can't be supported forever, you know!
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5.35 was able to be installed on Win9x but the last fully compatible version was 5.24. I think versions > 5.24 had some problems with CD ripping but that was about it.

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I confirm that 5.35 does not work under Win98.

And in my opinion one can survive with an older version such as 2.95, which does not become bad automatically as soon as something else gets released. The most important feature of 5, Unicode, doesn't work either way. All file formats are compatible with WA2, which can't be said about old Foobar (FLAC2, TAK).
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