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Hello, I have winamp v5 or w/e the latest version is, and my little external winamp controler is sending the ISFULLSTOP message to winamp. But no matter what it returns 0


#define IPC_ISFULLSTOP 400
/* (requires winamp 2.7+ I think)
** ret=SendMessage(hwnd_winamp,WM_WA_IPC,0,IPC_ISFULLSTOP);
** useful for when you're an output plugin, and you want to see
** if the stop/close is a full stop, or just between tracks.
** returns nonzero if it's full, zero if it's just a new track.

And in my app it looks like this:

Public Function SongSwitch() As Boolean
Dim Value As Long
Value = SendMessage(hwnd_winamp, WM_WA_IPC, 0, IPC_ISFULLSTOP)
If Value = 0 Then SongSwitch = True Else SongSwitch = False
End Function

i've debugged it and I know hwnd_winamp is right, WM_WA_IPC = 1024, IPC_ISFULLSTOP = 400. Even when its stopped it returned 0 when its supposed to return non zero
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I see nobody has answered to this post. Well... I have the same question. In which cases should Winamp return a non zero. It always returns 0 for me as well.
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Not sure if anyone is out there to answer this. I ran into the same problem and needed to find an alternate solution. What is it you're trying to do differently upon full stop?

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Hi! I have the same problem!

How can I learn about the full stop? How can I catch this moment?

Now I am doing so:

void CALLBACK ForIsFullStopTimerFunc(HWND hwnd, UINT message, UINT idTimer, DWORD dwTime)
KillTimer(0, idtTimerForIsFullStop);
idtTimerForIsFullStop = 0;

if (!SendMessage(pluginData.hwndParent, WM_WA_IPC, 0, IPC_ISPLAYING))

LRESULT CALLBACK HookWinampWndFunc(HWND hwnd, UINT message, WPARAM wParam, LPARAM lParam)
if (message == WM_WA_MPEG_EOF && settings.active && settings.event == eventFullStop
// if (idtTimerForIsFullStop != 0) The length of the track less than 1 second!!! Aaaa
idtTimerForIsFullStop = SetTimer(0, 0, 1000, (TIMERPROC)ForIsFullStopTimerFunc);

But I do not like this decision. Since theoretically possible situation: user clicks on the button "Stop" in the first second

Why does not work the message IPC_ISFULLSTOP?

Thanks and sorry my poor english

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