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Manual in PDF format

Is there a version of the latest NSIS manual available in PDF format (or any other printer friendly format)?
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no, but you could try using a tool that converts chm to pdf - i did it before, not perfect but better than nothing.
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I don't find a chm file in C:\Program Files\Winamp. Is one available somewhere?
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Why would the NSIS manual be in the WinAmp folder? Wouldn't you expect to find it in the NSIS directory?
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I don't know what NSIS is, but since this was in Winamp's forum, I thought it related to Winamp. If the question was posted in the wrong forum, I apologize.
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Winamp PDF file, I made one for the Preferences

It seems some people, like me, thought that Winamp would be cool enough to have made an Acrobat pdf help file available for their customers. Especially since whatever topic I search for in their online help comes up with no hits at all, which is very lame in my opinion. the whole thing smacks of being "Home-Made" on a shoestring budget.

Granted, most of Winamp's stuff is made by enthusiastic users, but someone recieved my payment for the Pro version, and it seems like they could comission someone to make a nice Users Manual.

However, the cost was low...so I made a pdf of the Top Level Preferenmces thingy to help out. If anyone likes it and would like more, I could do it I guess, but it hardly seems worth it, except for when the internet is no more in 2012, or due to terrorist activities.
I do think it would be nice to at least be able to play my music, and to use all the features of Winamp when we are cut off, and Iran is holdng us hostage with a nuke hidden in every port, and their clergy are setting up shop here.

But, that's the good scenario. Anyway, I put the pdf file on my way-old neglected web page, but I've yet to edit it or create a link, but I believe an ftp type tool tool could find it and get it, and there will shortly be a link on my decades old "Game Page" dedicated to the games of the past, although Halflife 2 is still going strong, but I fear all my links are very likely dead.

If you want to get the pdf file, (around 330kb), and waste some time, check out my page at http://home.nvbell.net/nutcrakr
and enjpy the midi music (if it plays) and some early efforts using Corel Photopaint, though my award winning photography is tolerable.

Hopefully I'll soon get a job and not have so much time to spend ragging on everything.
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