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Empty general purpose plug-in project.

This is what an empty general purpose plug-in for Winamp 2 (or Winamp5) should look like. Please note that the code is written in C.

#ifndef gen_empty_h
#define gen_empty_h
#include <windows.h>

typedef struct {
int version;
char *description;
int (*init)();
void (*config)();
void (*quit)();
HWND hwndParent;
HINSTANCE hDllInstance;
} winampGeneralPurposePlugin;

#define GPPHDR_VER 0x10

extern winampGeneralPurposePlugin *gen_plugins[256];
typedef winampGeneralPurposePlugin * (*winampGeneralPurposePluginGetter)();


#include <windows.h>
#include "gen_empty.h"

int init(void);
void config(void);
void quit(void);

winampGeneralPurposePlugin plugin = {
"MyEmpyProject vx.x (gen_empty.dll)", // Plug-in description

int init() {
return 0;

void config() {

void quit() {

// do this to ensure the export isn't mangled if used in a CPP file
extern "C" {
__declspec(dllexport) winampGeneralPurposePlugin * winampGetGeneralPurposePlugin() {
return &plugin;

More usefull information can be found here:

The project created in Bloodshed Dev-C++ (a free IDE for the C/C++ programming language) can be downloaded here:

The project created in Visual C 6 can be downloaded here:

In case you use an other compiler just add gen_empty.c and gen_empty.h to a clean .dll workspace.

Thanks go out to bananskib, baafie, KiCHiK and parksie (R.I.P.).

11-02-2004: Fixed a small bug in the zip files.

25-01-2009: Added extern "C" for winampGetGeneralPurposePlugin() as too many people are copying C code into CPP files and wondering why the plugin fails to load.

Last updated: 25-01-2009.
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