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WA5 crashes instantly when loading a modern Skin

Here we go.
Specs first:
Win98 First Edition
IE 6.0 SP1
SB Live Value
GF4 TI 4200 with Dets 53.04

I made an absolutely clean install of WA5. It starts normally with the Old Skin(s).
Then i tried to load a Modern Skin.
WA5 crashes instantly, with the follwing message:

WINAMP caused an exception error in Module GEN_FF.DLL at 0177:0124df07.

EAX=00000048 CS=0177 EIP=0124df07 EFLGS=00210206
EBX=00000000 SS=017f ESP=00645e70 EBP=00645e84
ECX=00641e78 DS=017f ESI=00000000 FS=7097
EDX=00000006 ES=017f EDI=030246e0 GS=0000
Bytes bei CS:EIP:
85 01 3d 00 10 00 00 73 ec 2b c8 8b c4 85 01 8b
00645efc 011a7c25 00645f24 012852ae ffffffff 00645f30 011a7499 030246e0 00000000 030246bc 030247c0 00000000 00000000 ffffffeb 01ed3ce0 00000000

I searched the forum already and played arround with several options for the skins - no success.
It hangs up and crashes immediatly.
I dont know what i can do furthermore and hope, you can help me.

Number 2:

When i try to access the options of WA5 Modern Skins, i always get this message:

error parsing xml layer (tooltips-elements.xml).

xml processing instruction not at start of external entity of line 1.

But ONLY when i try to access the options the first time after i launched WA5 and only for the options of modern skins.


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