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A Walk To Remember

Its amazing how far love can take you. Love brings together what peer pressure and lifestyles seek to keep apart in this coming-of-age story. Trust. Hope. Goals. Faith. Unconditional love. They're the remarkable steps to a life changed - and of "A Walk to Remember".
Jamie Sullivan didn't change. She knew who she was, and she didn't need to mold herself to the world to be happy.
She wasn't embarressed to show people she was a christian and that she had values-- because she knew that the opinions of others didn't matter.
the love story was beautiful, but the pure SPIRIT and love for life that she possessed were amazing.

"A Walk to Remember " is not your typical teen movie. Based on the best-selling novel of the same title by Nicholas Sparks, "A Walk to Remember" tells the bittersweet story of first love with a maturity not often found in adult on-screen relationships. The compelling screen presence of the film's leads, Mandy Moore and Shane West, is a result of the charisma and chemistry between the actors.
The film opens in Beaufort, North Carolina, with a tense scene at the town's cement factory. West's character, wealthy and popular Landon Carter, and his group of "friends" dare a wanna-be clique member to jump from a platform into the murky water below. The diver is injured and Landon is left alone to suffer the consequences after a failed attempt at escape. Landon's punishment for the accident is far from hard time. He is ordered to tutor children on weekends, and, strangely enough, forced to participate in the school's annual musical. This is all in hope that exposure to other activities will help Landon reform his rebellious ways. The authorities, of course, never take into consideration that his rebellion may be a result of a lack of male role model in his life. His father, a cardiologist, is not an active part of Landon's life since divorcing Landon's mother.
It is during rehearsals that Landon is "introduced" to Moore's character, Jamie Sullivan, despite having known her his entire life. Jamie is the motherless daughter of Beaufort's Baptist minister. Dressed in horribly outdated clothing without a speck of make-up, and entirely unafraid to express her faith, Jamie is hardly the type of girl ultra-cool Landon would associate with by choice. Jamie even tutors for fun-imagine that!
Landon finds himself spending more and more time with Jamie outside of school. During school hours, however, Landon must keep his distance in order to save his reputation. It is at opening night of the school play when Landon sees Jamie in a whole new light; okay, let's be honest-it had to be the dress. It also could have been Jamie's mesmerizing, angelic sounding solo. Jamie's physical transformation helps Landon become aware of the new feelings Jamie stirs inside him. This may sound superficial, but, strangely enough, it's not portrayed as such. Jamie's wardrobe improvements don't last through the night, but Landon's feelings persist. He even finds himself defending her honour in the school cafeteria-something his "friends" are unlikely to let him live down.
Gradually the two find themselves falling in love, despite Jamie's initial insistence that Landon not fall for her. Each opens up the other's world to new experiences. At this point in the film you know that such sweet happiness cannot last. You can sense tragedy waiting without knowing why you feel that way. While watching the film you yearn for a happy ending while thinking, at the same time, the film wouldn't be complete with one.
The tear-jerking curve ball is certainly typical of author Nicholas Sparks. While screenwriter Karen Janszen doesn't follow the novel exactly, the audience is able to understand the basic story. Adam Shankman, who also directed last year's big screen blockbuster "The Wedding Planner," starring Jennifer Lopez and Matthew McConaughey, directs the pair to an outstanding performance. The supporting roles of Landon's mother, played by a horribly brunette Darryl Hannah, and Peter Coyote's role of Reverend Sullivan add familliarity to a talented, young cast.
My verdict: if you're looking for an action-packed thriller, don't go see this film. On the other hand, if you're looking for a wonderfully heart-warming story or, if you're a parent whose kids are looking to see a flick, this is the film to choose. In the often less than G-rated Hollywood film industry, "A Walk to Remember" is truly a gem. My advice: bring tissues; "A Walk to Remember" isn't easy to forget. Its effects will last beyond the closing credits.
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Very nice review Commasterharry, did you write it all yourself? I think that this would fit a lot better in the movie/TV forum...although it doesn't sound like a movie I'd go and see, thanks for sharing!

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Yeah, it sounds alright but a bit too much of a chic-flic for me... I tend to watch movies like The Last Samurai, Escaflowne, and Donnie Darko.
I hate Romance Comedies...

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I don't remember it being a comedy. (Saw it, Liked it).

The world is made of conflicts: good and evil, order and chaos, light and dark, hot and cold. All are essential to life. None can prevail for any length of time, or life will fail. In the end, the best any can hope for is balance.
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heh i didn't all of that. however i do wanna tell everyone that besides the fact that the movie has a corny name and radiates a "chik flik" feeling to those who sees the title, it actually is the best movie i've ever seen. It affected me in every way imaginable. Never has a movie made me feel and think so much. i think you guys should rent it and try to look into it more than just who's the actress.

sorry for bad english i'm not a person who can express feelings very well
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oops i meant "didn't *write all of that". its from a review and its the one i can agree most with
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