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Media Library - Play/Enqueue selection inconsistent

Hey all,

I'm not entirely sure this counts as a bug, but I do think it needs to be mentioned, and I didn't see a better place for it.

In Winamp 5.05 on my machine, while using the Media Library, the behaviour of the context menu options "Play selection" and "Enqueue selection" is inconsistent. If you select "Play selection" when a number of files/items/search results are displayed, the Media Library drops every displayed item into the Playlist Editor. If you select "Enqueue selection" with the exact same circumstances, the Media Library adds only the files you have specifically selected to the Playlist Editor.

Like I said, this may not actually be a bug; I could see where instantly adding all of the search results would be preferable to selecting them one-at-a-time. However, it is inconsistent and more than a little confusing. Just figured I'd point it out in case nobody had noticed.

Thanks, all.
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...and this happens even with "play all search results (start with selected)" UNchecked in: Prefs > Media Library > Library Options?
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It seems that I suck at life. =P
Thank you for the information.
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