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Error in Insert: 80004005

I just got myself an oh-so-shiny HTC One to replace my aging Thunderbolt and found major problems synchronizing a number of my playlists over to the new phone, problems I didn't have on the Thunderbolt. I knew the tbolt used simple USB file transfers where the one has to go through the moronic MTP DRM system, so I figure that's the reason, but I can't find a pattern to identify a solution.

Some songs are listed with the Error in Insert: 80004005 message yet appear on the phone anyway. Songs straight from Amazon don't transfer while other ancient mp3s from over a decade ago work fine. In one case removing a single apostrophe did the trick. In another trimming all ID3 tag entries to be short enough to fit into the ID3v1 entries fixed it. But for many files neither solution applies.


And now as I do further testing, NOTHING gets through anymore. Every single file throws 80004005 and no files or playlists appear to Winamp as on the phone, although I have them playing on the phone itself just fine so they're clearly transferred and usable. I've been searching the forums and only found a single other record of this error code (http://forums.winamp.com/showthread.php?t=346329) but that had no solution. Is there ANY information out there about this error?
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To avoid leaving this with no followup, I've pinned down the behavior I'm getting:

1) The symbols : and / (as in http://) are not allowed in the metadata of the track in order to transfer properly. They will be replaced with _ on the phone, and then Winamp can't find the original track anymore to add it to the appropriate playlists. The song IS on the phone, but not with the same metadata. I think there's at least one more symbol that doesn't get transferred correctly as there are still a half dozen tracks not syncing into their respective playlists, but I haven't tracked those down yet due to....

2) Winamp cannot properly identify songs at all after the playlist sync. Instead it reports all of the songs it transferred previously as songs not in the local media library and asks me what I want to do with them. Syncing in this state wipes all playlists of their contents as Winamp can't find any of the songs that should go in them, so it blanks out all of them. These transfers are what throw the 80004005 error. It seems incapable of identifying those existing songs under any circumstances.

The only want to get the playlists to sync is to manually delete all playlists and all songs in those playlists from the phone in explorer, then have Winamp re-add every single one back on the phone. Manual deletion is necessary as letting Winamp delete the songs itself only gets about 95% of them, leaving the other 5% on the phone to not sync into their playlists correctly. Obviously a bit of a time consuming process, especially for one or two new songs to sync.
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I don't know I have that error too ! !
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