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Font Bolding Bug(?)

I'm currently running Winamp v5.666 build 3516.

Upon running Winamp and opening the Media Library, everything is displayed correctly.
However, clicking any of the subcategories under "Local Library" and then switching to a different subcategory causes most, if not all, of the text in the Media Library to default to a plain, bolded font.
(e.g., clicking "Audio" and then switching to "Video", or any other combination of the subcategories).

I've uninstalled Winamp and reinstalled it, the bug still occurs everytime without fail.
It even happens on a fresh, clean install of Winamp before the update patches, and still persists after the patches.

While I understand that this poses no real interruption of Winamp's functionality, it still irritates the shit out of me. I just want it to stop, please, can anyone help?

  • in_mp3.dll (from Winamp v5.666 build 3512)
  • Jump to File Extra (JTFE) v.133 build 1216
  • ClassicPro 2.01 from SkinConsortium
  • Operating System:
    Windows XP SP3
  • Video Card:
    Intel(R) 82915G/GV/910GL Express Chipset Family
    Driver Version:
  • Sound Card:
    SoundMAX Integrated Digital Audio, Analog Devices, Inc. (I'm not sure about this, I got information from "System Information".)
    Driver Version:
  • DirectX:
    9.0c (
  • Playlist:
    Show playlist item numbers in Playlist Editor: Unchecked
    Playlist font size, in pixels: 11
    Use skin or language pack font: Checked
  • Media Library: Appearance:
    Media Library uses same font as Playlist Editor: Unchecked
    Use freeform scrollbars when available: Checked
    Alternating row colors in list views when available: Checked
    Use skinned menus: Checked
    Match the OS style for file size units: Unchecked
  • Modern Skins: Font Rendering:
    Use FreeType TrueType font rendering for older skins: Checked
    Use the alternate fonts if the skin defines them: Unchecked
    Use skin font mapper: Unchecked
    Allow use of bitmap fonts that have not been mapped: Checked
These are two images displaying what it looks like before and after this occurs.

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Also, I apologize if this isn't in the correct forum or if I didn't provide the right information needed.
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is a known issue.

you can try to force update the font used (ctrl + num.pad +/- or via the playlist preferences for the font size) and see if that will correct if you after the issue appears.
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Oh, oops. Sorry for posting this then, I probably should've looked around more before posting. Anyway, thanks for the tip about using ctrl and the numpad+/- keys, that helps a little bit.
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Try using the older builds of gen_ml.dll ( and ml_local.dll ( which together don't show this behaviour.

Unzip the two files from the attached .ZIP into your Winamp Plugins directory, overwriting the original ones.

Of course, this is at your own risk and I know that the developers don't like to see such tips for using older versions as they of course know which other fixes they have done in those builds and which other bugs they fix.

But I can tell you from my experience:
I use those two files and they don't impose any serious problems in daily use, and they reliably solve the Font bolding problem.

Have fun :-)

Best regards,
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doing that is just masking a fundamental design issue with how all of that works (which is why it's happened on/off over the years) and the only real solution will be a load of work that needs to be done for 6.x to change when and how the drawing updates are done (first part has already been by moving the code from gen_ml.dll into winamp.exe and starting to minimise the work that is done on skin change to mitigate against resources being incorrectly dstroyed).
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