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Hi Guys,

Sorry for the delay in providing feedback on the app suggested by "OlexijL" in post #30 above. It works on my system with no problems. It shuts down Winamp after the selected time and does not disrupt the official components nor the 3rd party plug-ins I use.

I currently use a number of 3rd party 'dll' plug-ins including 2 for input, 1 for output, 2 visualizations, a DSP, 7 for general purpose (6 by DrO), and 1 for the media library. I also use six 3rd party 'w5s' plug-ins including "thinktink's" albumart embedder, cPro skin support, and 4 from the Essentials Package.

I have not experienced the issues reported by "lostinsound". Upon restart the selected song in the active playlist is what it should be (same as with a normal Winamp shutdown). I do not hear a fadeout of the song being played at the end of the timeout. Maybe that is caused by how "lostinsound" has the DirectSound output plug-in setup, if he is using that.

I don't use the 'Time & Restore' plug-in, if that is the one referred to for the "automatic playback" feature. So, I can't comment on any problems with it.

I'm aware of the recent discussion, about potential problems using an external app to shutdown Winamp, in response to "Batter Pudding's" suggestion to have the Winamp installer shutdown Winamp, if needed. With this external app, all of the applicable official and 3rd party component configuration files in my current overall configuration are updated when Winamp exits (just like with a normal shutdown). I will keep an eye on this and report any changes. With version, these files are updated in various ways, i.e. when Winamp starts, and/or when a change related to them is detected, and/or when Winamp shuts down.

Bottom line, thank you OlexijL for suggesting an app that will let me accomplish my main goal for starting this thread.

Now I can quickly and easily have Winamp serenade me to sleep. I think I tried this app before with an earlier version of Winamp and a different mix of 3rd party plug-ins and it did not work for me. But, no matter, it's working fine now.

DrO, I will try using "ProcDump" to capture info on the jtfx crash(es) I mentioned in this thread. It would be good to get that sorted going forward, then jtfx could be used to stop or shutdown Winamp after a specific track has played (in addition to the 'stop after current track' feature). Should I start a new thread for this?

I attached a report of my current configuration for those interested.

Winamp Pro v5.666.3516 fully-patched - Komodo X Touchscreen v1.0 by Victhor skin
Windows 10 Home 64-bit v1809 desktop - Logitech Z906 5.1 speaker system

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