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Lord Cris
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Greetings everybody,

im semi new in NSIS and have now a big Problem.

In my installer-solution I will get a txt file with the description of my component. Now i have the Problem that i didnt get the text into a Varaibel and then into "MUI_DESCRIPTION_TEXT"
i get a empty Description and when i´m trying to use a Marco in my main installer-file it says it didnt exists


Var /global component_a_text

FileOpen $4 $TEMP\component_a.txt r
FileRead $4 component_a_text
FileClose $4

Section "Alternative" component_a
some install stuff

!insertmacro MUI_DESCRIPTION_TEXT ${component_a} $component_a_text

i didnt found anything about my problem. Can anyone help me with this

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FileRead $4 component_a_text must be FileRead $4 $component_a_text but sections execute too late, you must read the description in MUI_CUSTOMFUNCTION_GUIINIT.

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Lord Cris
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Ty for reply and sry for my late reply. It works now i can go ahead.
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