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Why does anyone play everquest?.

This game is expensive and lame. I don't mind rpg games. Liked the Warcrafts, the Diablos, but what is the appeal of this game?.

I do not understand.

It's user interface sucks, the graphics are marginal and slow and it costs a ton to play.

I know some people that are addicted "Evercrack" , but I felt robbed by the $10 semi-demo.

Made me feel like I was playing Dungeons and Dragons with dice.

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its probably all about playing with other people. the ut demo for instagib is the same two levels over and over with cheaters, speed hack after speed hack (dont forget the gunnlag). but i still get into it when theres team work going down or im being accused of botting. its fun to play together. download the demo for gild wars. if you like it buy it for like 30 bux and theres no monthly charge

*this post brought to you by xbox. please buy our game thing even though were copping out and being just like the company we're supposed to be an alternative to.

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