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VJ specific Presets

These are 3 of my favorite VJ presets i use(milkdrop2). Pretty much mash ups with a few tweaks, it'll basically run in black grey or white and you only see activity with input.

I'd suggest running sprites that end at once(though well timed beat detect sprites are fun). If you have never used sprites then just Configure milkdrop and go to the Artist tools tab. Find the edit sprites button and then paste this at the bottom:

init_1=blendmode = 4;

Don't forget to save. Restart milkdrop if you have it running and then go test my presets , press k13 and it should blast a heart on the screen(with pixel shaders). Text runs well on some presets, only one of which i included. You can make more images by creating your own font.

I prefer my edited blank presets for VJing over the traditional ones typically. It helps me feel more in control of what is happening and adds a certain aspect of interaction that can be entertaining in the right state of mind.
Though it is fun to mix it up. I also have ideas to set hotkeys to overwrite or delete wave code with the touch of a button. Always fun with shaders =) Please let me know what you think. again these are light/heavy tweaked mashups i forgot to label so forgive me for not crediting the original author if i use your code.
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I am just hoping everyone has that Heart . jpeg in their textures folder =/
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