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What is the limit of presets allowed by Milkdrop? It might just be my imagination, but evrytime I add some new presets to my collection, I seem to see alot of new ones appearing at random that I have never seen. Also, if anyone has a LARGE collection that they are willing to share, please post some links. The more presets the better. Thanks!

Speaking of limits, I've noticed that my (older) computer and my new laptop seem to still have trouble with some framerates of the more busy 3d (shader) presets. Is any computer or graphics card able to run all of these at 30-60fps?
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I also wish to know: How many presets can the presets-folder have without getting trouble if running Milkdrop 2 in Winamp? 1500 or 2000 or 3000?...
I have counted between 10000 and 15000 presets, after I have extracted all .zip-folder & .rar-files, which I have downloaded from here, and I have only downloaded .milk-files, .zip-folder and .rar-files, which have been posted after the 9th October 2007 (the day, when Milkdrop 2 came out with Winamp 5.5). I didn't download from postings before that day, because I think, Milkdrop 2 is much better than Milkdrop 1...
Many new presets are very great, some presets are not so great, but everyone has to find it out himself/herself. I began with the pasting of new presets from "martin" into all the presets-folder of all my 12 Winamps on the same PC...
I am very glad about my NVIDIA graphic card on my Workstation PC with Windows Vista 32-bit (bought in August 2009), because I don't know, it another type of graphic card would have the same abilities. My notebook with Windows 7 64-bit (bought in October 2011, also in the supermarket Aldi) has another type of graphic card, not NVIDIA...
And I can say again: Keep up Your good work!...
Greetings from Sabine Klare Aka Sternenmaschinebine
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