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A tour of my incomplete/unpublished winamp skins folder

Hi all! So, I was looking through some old stuff on my computer, and I felt like sharing this. Here's a tour of the stuff that I have laying around in my Winamp skins folder that I've never published, and (in most cases) never even posted on this here Skinlove forum. Get your seatbelts on, this is a ride. Most images link to a larger image. I have a few downloads (of mostly incomplete stuff) here too. In alphabetical order…


As far as I recall, this was based on a desktop theme by the same name that included icons and colors. It actually doesn't look that bad, I wonder why I never got further than a skeleton with it.
Aquatic Glass

Do you remember when everyone using KDE desktop decided to put all the icons into glassy spheres? I do. Here's a winamp skin (skeleton only) where I made it out of glass balls over the KDE default wallpaper.

The classic ATI Rage All-in-Wonder came with TV capture software that used a pretty hideous tan UI. Here's a Winamp skin that copies that style. This was actually a finished skin (pre-2.8). Download wsz.


Something something LCD

One of my very first skins. It was simply drawn over the Winamp default skin BMP files, I think using Paint! I'm actually kind of fond of the design, it stands up well with modern flat design. It's incomplete (I only got partway through pledit.bmp), but you can download it as it stands. Download wsz.

One of the last skins I've gotten to a mostly-finished state. I never published it, because the contrast was so low it was nearly unusable on CRT monitors. It's not too bad on current LCDs, tho. Very smooth, very dark. Download wsz.

I made a Canvas texture. Never did figure out where to go from there.
Digital Glass

Original Thread
I ended up reworking this skin into Digital Ice (also unfinished), but I never posted this WIP main-only copy of the skin. Download wsz.

I learned how to use the gradient tool, then made a shiny metallic skin using only two colours and linear gradients thereof. Main & EQ only. Download wsz.

A concept for a shaped/transparent skin. I only ever drew the main for it.
Glass Panel

A pretty cool skin idea, having a metallic frame with a glass panel extending from it, with a sort of holographic display. The execution was merely so-so. Main and EQ are complete, Playlist has some issues with colour matching. Download wsz.

I just don't know.
Liner Notes

This started out as a concept for a display based on scanlines, and an associated font. I finished the skin, but it turned out to be completely unreadable so I've never published it. But you can use it now. Download wsz.

Another concept for a holographic LCD panel in a metal frame.
Orange (v1)

The main window from a concept for a very orange skin, contrasted with a grey LCD.
Orange (v2)

I thought the previous Orange concept wasn't Orange enough, and needed to be brighter overall.
Pink Balls

Old versions of The Gimp used to have a brush that was just a large shiny blue sphere. I went to town with it over a black background and added some plain pixel UI elements. Then, at someones request, I changed the colour to pink everywhere. (Well, except the cursors, those I never got around to doing so they're still blue). Download wsz.

Original Thread 1
Original Thread 2
Originally called "Cloud", the concept was having an organic blue-white blob over some grey-green circuitry. I never published a working copy of this skin, but you can get it now: (note that this skin includes an earlier, but more complete, version of the playlist) Download wsz.

Concept was chunks of sandstone emerged from beneath loose sand.

An extremely ambitions transparency based skin. Does anyone remember when I asked this question?. No? Oh well. The name is an homage to cazsius's "Sixgun" stuff.
Untitled (Bevels)

I pixel-pushed some blue bevels into roughly the shape of a main.

The title is short for "Yet ANother". I wanted to try something in the light style with a blue-red gradient.

Yes, this one's out of order. But I wanted to end on it. Why? Because I'm actually still working on it! I'm still pixel-pushing it, but at a larger scale. Literally, I'm drawing this at 8x and downscaling so it gets antialised. The cbuttons need to be redesigned, but I'm getting pretty happy with the screen now. Who knows, maybe someday you'll be able to try it out yourself! Or leave feedback here, if you like.
That's all, folks.

There used to be more stuff, but hey, links die over the years.
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An interesting tour, thank you!

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Yeah, agree with you
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A minor update - One of my friends helped me dig up some info - the "Adamant" skin is actually based on a skin for the Trillian instant messenger with the same name (the original artist was listed as either "Sephiroth" or "Heretic" in the skin files). Some more information here: https://www.deviantart.com/chrisnyc/...nt-Pro-1418664

There used to be more stuff, but hey, links die over the years.
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