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SHOUTcast Source DSP visual display issues

A typo fix is needed in the SHOUTcast Source DSP: The Input pane shows <emtpy> for empty metadata fields. I think it is supposed to say <empty>.

Also, the Output pane's Status message often flickers. The text is being blanked and rewritten, apparently, and it seems to be happening at random intervals, independently of whatever updates are happening to the actual data. Even "Not Connected" flickers. Is this necessary? It's distracting.

The Summary pane doesn't have this problem; it shows the same info but without flickering. But that tab is even more distracting to me because it has the green level meters that I can't hide.

So please consider these feature requests: 1. Stop the flicker of the status message in the Output pane, and 2. Allow the user to disable the level meters in the Summary pane.
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DSP Summary tab always says AAC+

In the SHOUTcast DSP (2.3.5), my ADTS-AAC encoder is set to use AAC LC, but the Summary tab always says Encoder mode: AAC+ at whatever kbps.

AAC+ means HE-AAC v1 or v2. I think it is actually outputting AAC LC in my case, and the Summary tab is just wrong. If it can't say the correct profile, it should just say AAC, no +.

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