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Some Shoutcast stations won't stream?

Howdy all

Droid X - I managed to get a couple of Soma FM stations to stream (Groove Salad, Drone Zone), pretty much none of the other ones I tried will. "Failed to play the requested stream."

Is this common?
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I have a Droid X as well, and I've never gotten anything to steam, and I've tried A LOT of stations :-P Maybe I'll see if the ones you mentioned work for me, too.

Edit: Just confirmed that the stations you mentioned work on my phone, which makes them the first shoutcast stations I've gotten to play. Now the question is: what makes them different? And will this get fixed any time soon?
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Does anyone know if there any update/acknowledgment on this issue?
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Thumbs down

I've tried and have yet to get any to work either. It seems that any stream with a numbered URL will go through all of them but never play them and give that "failed to play requested stream" error but ones with a URL that has a name title like stream.aol.com or something like that it just tries to load but goes nowhere. Apparently this is common but of the treads I have seen questioning this issue none have provided answers or been addressed by Winamp. I sure wish they would get this straight. I play internet radio on my desktop Winamp all the time and have been a Winamp faithful since the early 2000s and will not use any other player unless Winamp can't play the desired media. It was one of the first things I tried looking for when I first got my Android about 6 months ago. It wasn't available then so I was ecstatic when it finally became available because I wanted to be able to play internet radio without the limitations and commercialization of Pandora and the like. So please address/fix this Winamp!
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i thought i saw egg somewhere blame the droid x implementation of internal music handling for why shoutcast won't stream.

big disappointment.

PENN STATE Radio or http://www.LION-Radio.org/
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I don't think its a Droid issue. I have Droid 2 and other players like Xiia can play Shoutcast streams just fine. Winamp fails on every one.
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It's not a problem with Winamp. I searched high and low for this. Finally found the fix.

- Download Root Tools from the market (you must be rooted).
- Go to Tweaks and Hacks
- Go to Build Properties
- Go to Stagefright
- Turn on Media HTTP, hit do not reboot
- Turn on Media Scan, hit do not reboot
- Turn on Media Meta, hit do not reboot
- Turn on Media Player, this time reboot the device.

Worked for me on Droid 2 both Stock and Custom Rom.

Sometimes you have to hit the stream twice to engage the active data connection.
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Most stations don't work on my Droid X 2.2.1. What's upsetting is that no one seems to have heard anything official on this. Is it a Winamp problem, a Verizon restriction or something else? Unlike Washington politicians, nobody's even point fingers? What to do???
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It's not a Droid/Verizon issue. I have a Samsung Vibrant on T-Mobile and cannot stream any shoutcast stations via WinAmp.
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