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IMPORTANT: SHOUTcast Site, Directory (YP) and API Changes

For those who have not been keeping up on recent changes with SHOUTcast, it was purchased (along with Winamp) by Radionomy in January 2014.

Today (17th February 2014) marks the start of publically migrating the SHOUTcast site, Directory (YP) and API which is possibly going to cause some listing issues as well as reduced feature set on the website. Though every effort is being done to ensure minimal breakage of things (though it is to be expected there will be some during this transition).

This thread will be updated with any relevant information or expected issues and so on.


Currently migrated to Radionomy hosting:
Deprecated aspects:
  • shoutcast.com embedded player (the AOL provided version has now been removed as of 23/06/2014 and we suggest using jplayer or other 3rd party site players instead of the AOL version)
  • It is no longer possible to officially download sc_trans (as of 11/04/2014) or to obtain sc_trans MP3 unlock codes (as of late December 2013) and currently there are no plans to restore sc_trans due to code licensing issues and the amount of work needed to resolve those issues

Known issues:
  1. Stream playback on shoutcast.com in IE 11 does not play most listed streams - this is primarily an issue with how IE handles (or rather doesn't handle) the ICY protocol. It is strongly recommended to update to a v2.2.x DNAS which can provide HTML compatible responses
  2. Chrome 36 has broken jplayer support which means the shoutcast.com site player is not working correctly (hoping to have this fixed soon - last updated 22 July 2014)
  3. Some YP connections are randomly failing (this is being looked into though no reason / eta is known currently [as of 19th Feb])
  4. Some listings have had the 'Misc' genre incorrectly applied to them (this was from fixing an issue produced by the AOL setup and genres of affected listings will be restored in the coming days)
  5. Not all devids will work - email me at dro [@] winamp [d0t] com or send me a PM and it will be looked into
  6. Some v2 listings will require a new authhash being generated for affected streams (this should only affect any created since 13th February 2014)

Hints to help:

If there are other issues not covered here e.g. DNAS or API requests not working as expected, then please provide complete and replicable details on the issue so it can be fixed asap.


Note: Posts saying the site does not work will be ignored (as nothing can be done about it) until a temporary replacement site is put up to replace the old AOL provided site.
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