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Spotiamp I guess was a piece of fan software used to play spotify playlists in tribute to Winamp.

As you can see it holds some functionality, but not all of it is there. Does anyone know if this project was continued or if maybe there is some way to play Spotify playlists through Winamp?

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I had thought, the website of "Spotiamp" wouldn't exist anymore...

I myself refuse to do online-banking, no credit card, no PayPal and also no debts because of hackers. I have or I had a free account on Spotify, and I had used only the Spotify Web Player in Firefox & Chrome, because I refused to install the Spotify-Software on my computers.

Offline I cannot see my profile and my main playlist anymore:
And the other link does not work anymore:
Okay, if there are some other Spotify-Users in the forums, maybe they can answer, if my profile still exists or if it has been deleted. I have read, that Spotify keeps the rights to delete also a user-account without telling the reason, why.

And I really hope, that Spotify will not buy SoundCloud. Then Frank and I could lose also our SoundCloud-Accounts soon. SoundCloud should be still independent, especially for us little musicians and for the Creative Commons Artists & Netlabels...

About Your questions, mike-db: Maybe someone else can answer here in Your thread. I wish You good luck...

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