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winamp 5 vs. blue screen of death battle

hey everyone hopefully DJEgg who seems to be the man with the know how!

I have been experiencing a really weir docmputer problem of my machien goign into a sort of comatose state, screen goes black sound cuts out requires full system restart. And for the last week I have tried ot sort it out inadvertantly with music playing. I have realised it's winamp. I am using v.5.03 and after say two songs my machine does this.

There's no logged error in the event viewer XP thinks nothign's wrong when it starts back up. I have really searched the forums here and all posts suggest play with the output plug in i even tried the wave one and it did it after three songs.

winamp i play everyday for hours for the last liek 2 years and never has this happened before and I have been using version 5 for about a month and not until this week did this start.

I have checked my system for a virus, temperatures, spyware and driver updates nothing is wrong there. I have run memtets of my system to check the ram and prime95 in stress mode, this error occurs within 10 minutes of winamp starting after hours of stability.

Can anyone help I do not wanna go to media player winamp has always done such a good job!!!

The only things I can think of I did recently that coudl be considered 'major' (this is as major as it gets) changes is update my gfx drivers and start remote desktopping using winamp through that too.

systems specs:
soltek SL75-erv mainboard
AMD Athlon XP 1800+
256 DDR Ram
Soundblaster Live! 5.1 Card
NVidia 53.03 drivers for MX Card

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I'm not sure exactly, but it would appear that there are incompatibility issues with running Winamp over Remote Desktop.
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