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Shoutcast -> Twitter + Twitter ->Shoutcast

Does anyone know if there's a way to automate a shoutcast station tweeting what is currently playing and able to take @ commands from people on twitter to put in requests, similar to phoning in to a radio station?
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That is an interesting idea! I've seen code etc. for setting up requests, but I couldn't get them to work.

Perhaps @DrO would have some thoughts on that. He added an 'autopost' function to the latest beta of his WACUP that posts the 'now playing' to twitter... my original thought with that idea was that if winamp itself was tweetng out now playing, then I could set a little longer buffer on my shoutcast server and allow people to see a now playing tweet, click the link and hear the song at,near, or just before the beginning.

Get involved with his project here https://getwacup.com/.

Thinking/expounding more about it....

So, ideally.... a listener on twitter could tweet @ the streaming station's account with a function command like:

@WowMachineRadio ++queue_track:Love Shack
and the first instance of "Love Shack" would be queued.

or even:

@WowMachineRadio ++queue_artist:B52s
and the first instance of the B52's would be queued.

(the ++ is just arbitrary, I just used them to signify a command string)

This first brings up the problem of naming convention.... for example, the requester would have to use the same metadata terms.....if they are saved as The B-52's, then b52s, B52's et al wouldn't match any results, so then the system needs to be able to respond with a failed search message.

Also, successful searches/queues would need a 'success' tweet to acknowledge the song is queued to play.

Seems like user requests would have to be limited too.... else the system could easily be taken down with a ddos-style overwhelming requests or one user could simply hammer it until it crashed the player... especially if the playlist is very long.

It would be nice to tie the request function with a cryptocurrency to discourage anyone from hammering the queue function with requests. It could be like a real jukebox if they have to pay $.025 per request.

Anyway.... like I said... interesting thought. A winamp plugin would be pretty cool, but I fear it would be a lot more work than it may be worth in actual interactions.

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