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WinAmp overwriting previously ripped CDs

I'm new to WinAmp. I only installed it to rip a bunch of a friend's CDs and put them on his iPod - I greatly dislike iTunes, and so turned to WinAmp so I don't have to go crawling back to Apple on my hands and knees.

Here's the problem I'm encountering. I don't know if you'd consider it a "bug", per-se, but it is definitely extremely undesirable behavior.

I rip a CD - let's say with 17 tracks. It gets saved to:
library-root/Unknown Artist - Unknown Album/1 - Unknown - Track 1.m4a
library-root/Unknown Artist - Unknown Album/2 - Unknown - Track 2.m4a
library-root/Unknown Artist - Unknown Album/3 - Unknown - Track 3.m4a
library-root/Unknown Artist - Unknown Album/17 - Unknown - Track 17.m4a

I rip the next CD, maybe with 12 tracks. It overwrites the previous CD's first 12 tracks, getting saved to the same folder, with the same file names.

I ripped maybe 30 CDs today, and apparently they kept overwriting each other.
I was ripping them first, then bulk-editing their tags after they were ripped - but their tags obviously weren't affecting their filenames.

I suppose most of the time you gents don't run into this problem, what with automatically detecting album names and track titles. However, since that currently isn't working, I bet you'll run into this problem alot. It's good that the Gracenote service failure has revealed this serious issue.

Anyway, I'm working around the issue by manually renaming files after each ripped CD, and am basically only using WinAmp for a few days anyway to get the files onto my friend's iPod, so I'll be done using it by the time any bugfixes get released anyway, but I thought it my civic internet-savvy duty to sign up on these forums and report the bug.

This is with WinAmp 5.666 Build 3516 (x86) - Dec 12 2013 (and I'm running it on Win7 Home Basic).
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I think I just replied to your tweet...

As you pointed out above, the Gracenote CDDB service in Winamp has been discontinued,
which means you'll need to manually edit the Artist & Album info first....

Right-click in the CD Tracks section and select "Edit CD Info".

If you select all CD tracks first (Ctrl+A) and right-click the first one, you'll also be able to edit the individual track titles.

We'll be replacing Gracenote (CDDB, MusicID, AutoTag, Playlist Generator) for our next release, probably with MusicBrainz and other free services.
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That's not really a real fix though. People could be using WinAmp on a computer that, say, temporarily has their ISP down, or isn't connected to the internet, or when travelling overseas and not connected to a WiFi hotspot.

What I'm suggesting is that the lack of Gracenote isn't the problem here, it's that the lack of Gracenote is revealing a problem that is normally hidden to most users.

It seems like a reasonable solution is that if both the album-name and artist-name is unknown, WinAmp should name the folder "Unknown ripped CD - <timestamp>"

Such as "Unknown ripped CD - 2014-06-05 11h08m53s" (so it's a human readable timestamp), or even (less desirably, but still functional) "Unknown ripped CD - 1401984573" (current time in seconds since Jan 1st, 1970).

I think it's a reasonable assumption to say, "Most users won't rip more than one CD within less than a second". It might not always be true, but it'd be true for 99.999% of your users.

I don't think it's reasonable for the WinAmp software to assume that (what with travel, and flaky internet providers, or even different computer setups) the 100% of your users have PCs that are internet-connected 100% of the time.
Toss in occasional service outages from your new CDDB service, or future switches in CDDB services, it's probably not an uncommon situation.

Another even simpler solution that solves the problem in almost every situation:
If "Unknown Artist - Unknown Album" already exists as a folder name, use "Unknown Artist - Unknown Album (1)", "Unknown Artist - Unknown Album (2)", "Unknown Artist - Unknown Album (237)"
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my first suggestion would be to use EAC to rip CDs in the here and now.

but when an online lookup either finds nothing or can't be done, and manual edits aren't made, I very much like the idea of appending a timestamp to the album name. I do think that would solve the problem.

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