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Plans for multithreaded transcoding?

I know this isn't usually that big a deal. However, since I'm wanting to have all my mp3's over 160kbps be transcoded to vbr 128-160, pretty much all of my songs are needing transcoding. That said, while I understand it's not feasible to split the transcoding of a single file up, perhaps ml_ipod could issue a request to the lame encoder for the next file needing transcoding. For sure, as it is, the time spent transcoding is the bottleneck, and not the file transfer to the ipod. So by being able to pre-transcode a later file, it'd effectively decrease the time it takes to fully restore my ipod. Currently, I'm looking at about 16 hours to transfer everything on. Hopefully, I won't need to do another rebuild anytime soon, but in the event that I do, it'd definitely be nice to have the time reduced to say 8 hours, so I could let it rip right before bed.

FWIW, my system currently is an e6400 @ 3.6ghz.
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If you're looking for a quick solution in the mean time, I suggest checking out the paid version of dBpoweramp. It supports multithreading and works great on a Core 2 Duo.

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Could be nice. Please add this to the feature request list at SF, to insure that it gets tracked. Thanks.

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