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Need for winamp 4

I realize this may seem counterproductive. Hear me out please.(really a 5 template)

Somewhere in the back of my mind I believe the switch to 5 was done as much to eliminate the hordes of skinner exe. skins as well as anything else. I realize with the support for classic skins in winamp 5 that they still occur.

WA 3 and the freeform skin is revolutionary and beautiful dont get me wrong and the updated features in 5 are great.

my thought is to bring the artist/s back. those of us who dont have the time or desire to script or to try to learn to script both Maki and xml.

the forums are a ghost town by comparrison to what they used to be.

ive read a thread somewhere in which the whole purpose was to change the color(theme) of the modern skin and that was it. with the hope of having it released as an additional theme in the next update.

If I remember correctly in WA 2 simply changing the color of the base skin was not only frowned upon and looked at with disdain but out right considered a rip and were ridiculed endlessly and rejected reguarly. even failure to chage cbuttons eq slides pl stacks would get you no where but "hey go back to the drawing board"

now to 4
my idea for WA4 is to place skinning back inbetween 2 and 5
(short version- change all the graphics of the base 5 skin in their current position so that all the maki xml still work.)

1.) allowing skinners to work within the frame of 5's base and treat it as was always the case with 2, that is.
This is the area you have to work with, change it to your hearts content, just stay within the allocated perimeters. essentially allowing us to unpack the wal, add the appropriate size graphics in the appropriate areas replacing the graphics of the WA5 base with those we wish to see and then repacking the wal with the new graphics and the existing maki and xml.

its essentially the same as 2
skin 5 as it sits you just dont change the shape of the player or position of things unless you know how. Only difference being outside of regions you couldnt change the shape of WA2 if ya wanted to.

and after one or two or 10 skins some of use skinners who are programablly challenged may wish to try to move outside of the traditional 5 base with either basic or radical coding changes.

Basically Jellby Skinners atlas was yours correct???
sorry search both here and at 1001 netted no results.

Will you PLEASE please please please please please create a skinners atlas for the WA5 series. Or template amp or one of the other base outlines. I only say that because even experienced advanced skinners I knew back in the day would always seem to start with one of those wonderful little aids.

My first thought was to try this myself, and I probably will, but i could just as easily fall of the face of the forums for another 4 years then complete a wholley new idea in a box ive never worked in before. I can't begin to count the number of unfinished skins i had in 2.9x and I had a clue about that. It seems I'd do good to try and rework one of my own dog butt lickin (yes lickin not kickin) skins that I have some clue about.

PS Bring back the Mini Browser

EDIT the request for a template does not just go out to Jellby but to any and all WA5 skinners who have the desire or inclination to take up their precious time to create what would undoubtedly become a landmark in the WA5 skin collection.
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I like this idea. If somebody made a Winamp 5 skin that was basically a doublesized classic skin which I could edit, I'd use it. A lot.

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Sorry amp-phibian... There's only a need for speed... Winamp 3 was very special, then Nullsoft step one step back... There is nothing wrong with Winamp 5... they just need to implemant more of the wa3 stuff.

And the reason the Modern Skins forum is a ghost town is because of skinconsortium's skinning forum ... At lease there newbies doesn't ask questions like : "I want to skin. Where do I start". And you'll also find some really special stuff there... so check it out. We are also busy with a wiki for winamp skins... see signature...

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