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mpeg4 wont play in Secondlife

so my shoutcast says i must buy WinAmp Pro toconvert mpeg4 files to mp3 so that they will play streaming in SecondLife which, apparently,doesnt support streaming in mpeg4.

Third party offerings of WinAmp Pro are dumptrucks full of extras and i cant figure out how to just get it direct from WinAmp (why is this???) either because I just cant find the right place to do it or it isnt on that dumb Camel page that always sends me to the forums for endless hours of often useless searching.Ugh!

WinAmp has a send-to button that should convert files, although i still cant figure out the file naming instructions.

The encode box in Shoutcast is inactive, i.e, i cant change it from AAC to MP3, even if i place an MP3 library in Winamp

I have gotten the stream to SecondLife on my own property, where the controls wont allow it to play because it is still in MPEG4 from the AAC origins ( I guess)

In short, how do I get my stream to send mp3 files instead of in the AAC format.

Is there someplace from Winamp the company that I can actually find a download, paid or free, for the Winamp pro that I need for Windows 10? I think that would solve the problem.
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Winamp Pro Licensing does not exist anymore. Since 5.8 has "Pro" features available to free users, that should help, but since 5.8 is not an ongoing project, I recommend using WACUP.
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The requirement to pay for MP3 was gone before v5.8
Even the final 5.6 redux has full MP3 encoding support.

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