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Albums out of order when sorting by ratings?

I have a small issue when attempting to sort my albums in Winamp according to their ratings. I've searched through the forum and haven't been able to find any related posts. Possibly a bug, though I suspect the sorting logic just works differently than I'm expecting, and I'd love to figure out specifically how it works

When I choose to sort albums by their ratings, I would expect that all 5-star albums would be grouped together, followed by all 4-star albums, and so on, but instead I'm getting a different result--some 4-star albums are listed above 5-star albums, some 3-star albums are listed below 2-star albums, etc.

Albums are "sort of" sorted in the right order, i.e there are no 3-star albums listed above 5-star albums, no 1-star albums listed above 3-star albums, etc. It's just albums with a one-star difference that are mixed together. All unrated albums appear at the end of the list as expected.

As an example, I have a 14 track album with 13 5-star tracks and 1 4-star track. It is listed lower in the list than an 8 track album that has 1 5-star track and 7 4-star tracks (see screenshots below). If, on the 14 track album I change the single 4-star track to 5 stars, it rises to the top of the list.

I am running a fresh install of the current version, Winamp 5.572 (Full Version). The only plugins I have are the ones that came with the default install. I use the "Medium Details" view for the albums pane though the issue occurs in other views as well.

All other sorting within Winamp works for me as expected, including sorting *songs* by rating--it is ONLY when sorting albums by rating that I have the issue.

If anyone can provide an explanation that'd be fantastic, it's driving me nuts to figure out how this works. Happy to provide any further information as well.


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sorting albums by "average album rating" bug


I'm brand new to this forum...

I've read that there will be some upgrades in the next release of Winamp regarding song ratings... so I think it's the right time to share with you some strange bug...

In the Album view, if you choose to sort albums by ratings, you want to have the best albums first... so I guess Winamp stores the "average album rating" somewhere and I want it to sort the albums correctly. But:

1) Winamp seems to calculate the "average album rating" correctly. For example: if a 4-tracks album has rates like 3 - 4 - 2 - 4, the average is 3.25 so Winamp displays 3 stars. This is OK. Another 7-tracks album ratings are 4 - 5 - 3 - 5 - 4 - 4 - 2, so the average is 3.86. Again: OK.

2) Winamp doesn't sort them correctly. The two previously rated albums are sorted like 3.25 > 3.86. What???

I think you can reproduce this bug easily...

I hope this will be fixed in the next release!

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I have the same (or a very similar issue). I've posted my question about it yesterday :


I hope someone will investigate soon...
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Someone else talks about the same issue here :

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I've merged your thread with this one and have removed one of your duplicated messages. I hope you mistakenly posted 2 times the same.

As for the problem, will try to reproduce the problem in the afternoon and post back here.
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Thanks Koopa!

Another example: I have the full discography of a band called Jaga Jazzist (excellent band by the way )

I've rated all tracks of all 5 albums. Here is the global ranking according to Winamp:

#1 --- 2005(b) - 3.25 average - 3 stars
#2 --- 2005(a) - 3.71 average - 4 stars
#3 --- 2010 - 3.56 average - 4 stars
#4 --- 2001 - 3.30 average - 3 stars
#5 --- 2002 - 2.70 average - 3 stars

As you can see, the number of stars are rounded up correctly. There is only one error. The 2005(b) album should be in 4th position, according to the calculated "average album rating". The only difference that this specific album has is that it has only 4 tracks (the others have 7, 9, 10 and 10 tracks), but what's the deal??

This is clearly a bug.
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Here a screenshot to illustrate my last post...
Attached Thumbnails
Click image for larger version

Name:	albumratingbug.jpg
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DJ Egg / Koopa ... please ... are you looking into this problem ?

Thank you !
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same issue, album rating doesn't sort well

album ratings are correctly calculated, but sort order has a bug, I use 5.53
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