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I have Milkdrop 0.99c running on my desktop. Not as a screensaver. Not Drempels. Not AVS. Milkdrop will do it, but you can't enable it in its config window.

After I read someone else's post about running it on the desktop, I figured it must be a hidden option. (It now appears that person was running Drempels, not Milkdrop, on their desktop.) I figured Ryan must certainly have had that in mind, but maybe it wasn't ready for primetime yet. So I took a look at the milkdrop_config.ini and look what I found...



So, after some experimenting, I now have it like this...


And it runs on my desktop! The 'bSoftwareDesktopBlit' setting didn't seem to make any difference on my system. The first two, 'bWindowed' and 'bDesktopMode' both had to be changed though. And 'nDesktopProcSize' seems to affect the resolution that it runs at on your desktop.

I fully expect that this is buggy, since Milkdrop is still beta and this option wasn't in the config window. So try it at your own risk of course.

BTW, I'm running Win 98 SE, WinAmp 2.75, Radeon DDR 32, 4.13.7115 drivers, DirectX 8.0 on a 800 MHz P3 with 384 MB.


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good job!
but I'm running a 1ghz athlon, 3dprophet 2 gts pro, 256mb, and it kind of runs like crap, it's not as sharp and colors are a bit dull, and it rarely gets above 15fps. but of course, I know it's not an official part of the program yet, so hopefully it will better.
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yeah, true - try it again with version 0.99d (the feature is now official) - it should be leagues faster.
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