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introfile="filename.mp3" causing errors?

Does anyone know what is causing this if I enable introfile in the sc_serv.conf file

[STREAMDATA sid=1] expected bitrate of 56k, actually found 128k, will assume that

The numbers vary, but the message is essentially the same.

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the introfile must have the same bitrate (56,128,160...), samplerate (22000,44000), and channels (mono,stereo,joint stereo) as the stream source it is intro'ing. if this not followed, clients may have trouble transitioning from intro to stream. one or both may sound funny to the listener.

a vbr intro may also cause problems because the dnas stream is almost always fbr.

shouldn't have to say this, but don't use an m3 intro for an aac stream or vice-versa.
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