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If I understand correctly, to stream your audio, you need to have the DSP Plugin, and you need to stream to a shoutcast server. Im wondering if there is a plugin for winamp that can turn Winamp into a server. So when you play mp3's on winamp, other people can connect to your IP and here it to. This would be perfect for the hardware freaks like me that have computers in every room in the house. Plus it would make streaming audio a snap. If this thing doesn't exist....and you are a 13 year old programing protigy geek who does nothing all day but masterbate to the lingerie section of your moms Sears catalog, then stop strokin your wanger and start strokin your keys, cause this plugin would be the shizznitts!!!

Anyway does this plugin exist?

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No, but you can run the server on the same computer as you make the stream with winamp.
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