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One out of ten ripped files skipping?

Hi again,

Since my last question was answered so promptly last time on these forums, I figured I would ask about this one that has been bothering me a bit. I recently ripped a series of five CDs I have (Infected Mushroom, techno music) to .MP3 format. I previously ripped them all at a fixed rate of 256 Kbps. While most of the files were fine, in my playlist I noticed a few of them would skip--some of them just skipped for a second or two, while some of them were utterly scrambled and not something you could listen to. Since then, I have set the ripping options to use the "--alt-preset standard" for variable bitrate. I deleted all the old fixed-rate files and re-ripped all five discs (mostly to save some space but also with the hopes that the handful of skipping files would be fixed). I didn't make a list so I'm not sure if it is the same files as before, but once again I'm noticing that a handful (I've listened to two so far that did it, and I haven't played the entire list) of the 60 total files I ripped are corrupted and skip either partway through, or during nearly the entire song.

To describe exactly what the skipping is like, it's not so much a series of audio gaps as it is almost as if the audio is being played out of order (slices of the music all jumbled up and played in rapid succession). It sounds kind of like when you hold the fast-forward button on a CD player, only less ordered than that.

I've looked through the "Greatest Hits" section on here and I find plenty about setting up ripping, and plenty about skipping audio on playback, but nothing specifically about the ripped files having skipping or stuttering as the symptom I seem to be having. Since this skipping only occurs on some specific files and not my entire library, none of the articles I have read to correct skipping seem to apply.

If anybody could help me resolve this I would greatly appreciate it.
Oh, and if my description of the issue isn't good enough I would be happy to send a sample file so somebody could hear exactly what is going on. It's a little hard to describe it.

P.S. Also I don't know if this would have anything to do with it, but once I purchased Winamp Pro I set my ripping CD speed to unlimited, and couldn't rip past 2x, so I currently have it set to maximum of 16x. I average around 6-8x when ripping CDs.

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You could try using a slower ripping speed for those tracks, apart from that Winamp's ripper doesn't offer much.

If you still get skips use EAC (ripper alone, bundled with encoders, both free) in secure mode.

In some rare cases you might get better results using CDex in paranoia, full mode as it uses a different method of error correction, but usually EAC is more secure.
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If the audio is jumbled as opposed to skippy/scratchy, then try using wnaspi32 instead of sonic engine.
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Since I can't purchase Winamp Pro in Thailand, I've resorted to using Apple's iTunes for ripping, and Winamp for everything else. I rip to .M4A...

Would you guys say CDex is better? Maybe I should start using that...
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With CDex and especially EAC it's much less likely to get skips than with Winamp or iTunes.

If you want to use EAC to rip to iTunes AAC (m4a) you also need this.

Or you can rip to Vorbis (CDex: get the ogg vorbis dlls using libVorbis v1.1.0 for WinLame and CDex from Rarewares and unzip them into the cdex directory overwriting the old versions that come with it), which is at least as good as AAC (probably better).
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