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Preferences GUI

Does anyone know of a plugin to allow changing preferences from the GUI rather than having to Ctrl-P to get there?

I'm mainly interested in the Input/Output/DSP sections as I find myself constantly changing those when burning CD's...

ex:[list=1][*](Ctrl-P) I enable the waveOut plugin for listening[*]I send some tracks to MP3Gain to normalize (using a script I wrote for Shane's excellent ActiveWinamp plugin)[*](Ctrl-P) I enable Izotope Ozone for DSP and tweak the sound[*](Ctrl-P) I enable the FileWriter plugin and write WAV files to disk[*](Ctrl-P) I disable the Ozone plugin and re-enable the waveOut plugin to audition the WAV files[*]I add the WAV files to the WA CD Burner and burn it[/list=1]

That's 4 Ctrl-P's to get through the process... not counting having to navigate the preferences dialog once it's open. In simpler terms, it's a real pain in the ass.

I'm envisioning something like a simple toolbar with drop down menu buttons for each of the Input, Output and DSP sections along with Config buttons for each where applicable. The toolbar would give you, at a glance, the status on which plugins are enabled. (how many times have you inadvertantly had the diskwriter plugin enabled while you curse at your computer cause there's no freekin sound?? )

Then again, maybe I'm a complete idiot and am overlooking some real elegant way of doing this whole thing. Bring it on.

Much Obliged.
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well you can try my plugin to solve some of your problems
you can write your files with a single click, as you here them

click on the link below

NEW Multiple Output Plugin v1.5 | Download | outputs data to one or more audio/file output devices
Crystal Classic Skins v1.1 | Download | transparency effects for classic skins
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Thank You

TazDevil. This is a very cool plugin!! I appreciate your responding with this.

Thanks man.
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Winamp is actually made up like a patchwork. They add this and they add that, but sometimes forget to stitch it up nicely. But that is what we all fell in love with, right?

I think most software is like that, but some software is more properly stiched up.

Read my post in the Developmen forum too.
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